Harpster All Purpose Canopies

The Ever Popular Harpster All Purpose Canopy.

  • This versatile All Purpose canopy is constructed with fully galvanized steel poles and galvanized fitting pieces.  Manufactured in the USA for reliable and long lasting performance. 
  • It is assembled with simple slip joint fittings and bungee cords.  No tools required!
  • Tops are heavy duty polyethylene, 11-12 mils thick, providing cool shade protection.  This waterproof material gives great rain protection as well.
  • We offer accessories to customize the canopy to fit your needs, such as standard and heavy duty tie down kits to help prevent wind lift; side and end kits.
  • The Standard and Heavy Duty canopies ship by UPS; Commercial Duty ships by freight carrier. 

Click on sizing diagram to the left for full dimensional specifications.

If you need help with your canopy selections call WebSalesUSA customer support at (800) 352-6609.