Canopy Questions

Some capacity guidelines:

Stand up only                                                   5-6 sq. ft. per person

Sit down eating with 8' rectangular tables          8 sq. ft. per person

Sit down eating with 5' round tables                  10 sq. ft. per person

Seating only                                                      6 sq. ft. per person

Are there any center posts in any of the canopies? No.

Can you make custom size canopies? Some models we can manufacture custom sizes.

Do you have a canopy with over hang?  Some our canopies have a valance or decorative over hang.

Can you purchase sides and ends? Yes, we have sides and ends available to enclose the entire canopy. You can look under Canopy Accessories to see which canopies can be enclosed.

Do you have any screen type of covering?  We have shade netting. This is a mesh type material that allows air and moisture to pass through.

Do you have samples you can send me of the color tops? On some canopy models we can provide sample swatches of the covering material.

I just purchased one of your 10x20 canopies and I pulled everything apart and I have a 12x20 tarp size. Is that wrong?  No, that's right. You need the 12x20 size because of the peak on the canopy. You need an extra 2 feet of fabric to fit over the top.

Do you have canvas? No, we don't carry and do not have access to purchasing canvas.

What are your tarps made of? Our tarps are made of woven and laminated polyethylene. This is a form of plastic.

How long will it take me to assemble the canopy? Depends upon the size of the canopy and the amount of people helping. With 2 or more people most of our canopies can be assembled in less than an hour.  Some in just a few minutes.

How does your canopy assemble? Most of our canopies uses slip joint assembly of the frame so no tools are required.  Some canopies like the Pop-Up require no assembly at all.

What's included with the price of the canopy? You get the entire frame work, the top covering and ball bungies to attach the top covering to frame if needed.  Some canopy models come with tie downs others will require a separate purchase of tie downs.

What do you mean by tie downs? Tie downs are the means to secure the canopy to the ground to prevent wind lift.

How long will it take to get a canopy to me? We try to ship within 1-2 business days. Depending where you are located, it could take up to 7 business days to get to you. Custom sizes canopies take at least up to 2 weeks to ship. All custom orders are shipped from Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

How do you ship?  We use parcel delivery services (UPS -FedEx) for most canopies but some of the larger, heavier canopies we have to use common carrier freight (tractor trailer). Shipping charges are calculated using the total weight of shipment and what zip code it is being shipped to.

Do your canopy prices include shipping?  Yes, some models do include shipping charges and will tell you so on the website.

Why is it so expensive to ship by UPS air? It's expensive because of the total weight of the shipment. If you were ordering an 18x30HD for example, the total weight of the shipment would be 227 lbs. When you ship an envelope by air the total weight is 1-3 pounds and that's why its cost is minimal.

Are your canopies fire rated?  No. Our canopies are not fire rated and do not come with a certificate stating what the flammability requirement are. Our tarps do meet the Commercial Standard CS-192-53 for the flammability requirements. Our tarps are not sold or intended for the use as a flame retardant article.

Can I return the canopy if I set it up and I don't like it?  No. Once the packaging is opened, we cannot accept any returns. Please refer to our warranty.

Are your canopies wind rated?  No. We cannot guarantee against any type of weather related incidents.

Do your canopies come with a warranty? We have a 30-day limited warranty. We will repair or replace any part of the canopy within 30 days of purchase if defective. This limited warranty does not cover damage due to neglect, wind, snow, fire misuse or any act of God, nor does this limited warranty cover damage resulting from the canopy not having been securely fastened down nor from improper installation., Inc. makes no other warranty and the remedy of repair or replacement is the exclusive remedy., Inc. is not liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of the canopy, including any cost or expense of providing substitute equipment or service during periods of non-use. Any defective canopy or part must be sent (shipping pre-paid) to, Inc.